If you are having a pest control issue, or if you would just like to prevent one, we have a service solution for you. We try to keep our technicians happy so that they stay with us. What that means to you is that you have the same technician every visit and don't have to see a new face every time your service is performed.

Four services per year with no additional charge for extra visits to control problem infestations. We offer an exterior perimeter treatment which is a convenient service for customers who are away during the day. There is no appointment to be kept because you don't need to be home in order for us to perform our service treatment. We remove existing spider webs as a courtesy , treat all entry points, and then use a power sprayer to treat the foundation of the home, as well as shrubs, bushes, and the area beneath decks. Since most insects enter from the outside, this service takes care of them before they have a chance to come inside. With the quarterly service, we offer extreme discounts for five homeowners within a sub-division or neighborhood who sign up and agree to have services done on the same day.

The pest control industry and the general public have both moved away from applying pest control materials inside the home. However, we still offer those services at no additional charge for customers who still want to have interior services.

This service targets the pest that is causing problems for you, and is basically a clean-out service.

Let us give you your yard back and make it comfortable for you to be outside again. We treat lawns for ants, fleas, and ticks. We also have plans for fire ants and mosquito control.

We only use pest control products that are registered and approved by
the U.S. Environmental protection agency